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Hi, I Am Dr Erica

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I work with parents who struggle with guilt and feel like they are not good enough. I help them sort of rewire and reprogram the patterns that lead to these thoughts, feelings, and beliefs so it becomes easy to make conscious choices and feel good about their parenting.

I want this parenting blog to be a valuable resource for parents seeking information and support. It should provide a platform for parents to connect with others and share their experiences, while also providing access to expert advice and resources on a wide range of parenting topics. If you have any ideas for future topics that you have questions about, let me know!

In no way are any of these articles to be considered clinical advice or part of therapy. If you are looking for those services, please contact me for a referral.

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We are all having a ton of feelings all the time. What is an emotional trigger, why is it important, and what can we do about it? How do we find that calm response?

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