Refund Policy

There are no refunds granted for one-on-one sessions at this time.

For one-on-one sessions, Please be aware that your session won’t be refunded if you miss it. Cancel your appointment within 24 hours and payment will be applied to a future session, workshop, or product.

For workshops, courses, and other products:

I’m a parent who wants to do better in my relationship with my child just like you. I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in a digital product. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that doesn’t get results.

I’m extremely proud of the products I create and I know anyone who buys them and implements will be thrilled with their purchase.

That’s why I’m offering a 90 days-day money back guarantee. While I can’t guarantee that any of my products will work (especially if you don’t put in the work you need to do to make it work), I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the product.

Of course, If you’re not happy, I will refund your money within 90 days days of your purchase. I do ask that you wait at least 21 days to try out the principles I am teaching you before you ask me for your money back. It takes that long to build a new habit and what I am teaching you will work if you put in the work too.