Workshop Series: Making Conscious Choices

What if you could feel in control of your reactions in only a few Weeks?

Especially when you've tried fixing or changing your child's behavior and it hasn't worked ... it's time to look at our own reactions and actually make a change that will last.



Your Child to Listen to You

It seems like they never listen so you get louder and louder



 Behavior to Improve

They keep doing the same things over and over again



To Be a Good Parent

You do not feel good about your yelling and punishments

the truth is ...

Most Parents Have Difficulty

But it's not your fault, I know you've tried! We are never told we need to learn how to change our own behavior in order for the other person to change theirs. But this is the truth about how it works and it shouldn't be a secret anymore!

This replay of a live workshop will walk you through the steps necessary to change your emotional reactions into a consciously chosen response. In the workshop I give you my best suggestions and "homework" to try right from the time the workshop is over.

If you feel like you need more support after the workshop, you are granted access to our members only Facebook group where I and other present parents will help you with your daily challenges and struggles.

If more support is needed I do offer one-on-one parent coaching. In these one-time or bi-weekly sessions, I work personally with parents on creating real and lasting change in their families.


You Want to Feel in control of yourself and your family. instead you keep seeing the same or worse behaviors that feel out of your control

The reality is, without feeling in control of your own emotional reactions you will continue to struggle with conflict in your family, and it's not a lack of effort on your part ...

  • You try to "fix" your child and their behavior
  • You punish
  • You overreact or under-react by giving in

And what's worse is ...

If you don't solve the problem now - you end up with the consequence of behavior that will most likely get worse, not better.

That's why I created The Calm Response for parents just like you, who want to feel in control of themselves and in better control of their family.

And you'll be relieved to know that everything that you get with The Calm Response isn't going to cost you $500.


The Calm Response

How to respond to your child without losing it! Created for parents who feel like they are emotionally reacting to their child instead of having a calm response. This workshop helps parents create a response to their child's behavior that they can feel good about.

You will learn how to turn your emotional reactions into a consciously chosen calm response for parents who want their child to listen, who want behavior to improve, and who want to feel good about their parenting - without the emotional reactions, fighting, and power struggles.


  • You are able to talk instead of yell
  • ​You can see your child is listening to you
  • ​You notice a change in their behavior over time
  • ​And before you know it you have found peaceful connection in your family


  • Choose your responses and be able to communicate effectively
  • ​Feel calmer when talking to your child and be able to take control of yourself and the situation
  • ​Experience less tension and feel relieved without fighting and power struggles
  • ​Go from feeling guilty after losing it on your child to feeling in peaceful control in only a few weeks


You have tried fixing or changing your child's behavior with no luck because you have not been able to change your own reactions

You have yelled and punished and felt guilty because you realize your reaction at times is out of proportion to what they have done

You have tried "letting it go" and ended up feeling like you're powerless in the situation because there's no hope for change

I get it because I've been there.

I have struggled with emotionally reacting, feeling disconnected, and calmly responding to my child.

I have watched countless parents try to fix their child's behavior by yelling, punishing, and overreacting or giving in.

Nothing has worked . . . until I discovered how to practice and teach ways to achieve more effective parenting without having to continue to lose control over our emotional reactions again and again.

Once I figured out how to be in control of my own responses my relationships changed forever.

I was able to translate and teach these skills to other parents so that they can feel more joy and peace in their families.

I want the same for you . . .

The Calm Response helps you achieve the outcomes and relationships you want to see in your family by teaching parents how to turn their emotional reactions into consciously chosen responses. This workshop is different because it teaches you how to figure out what you are really reacting to, why it is happening, and how to change the reaction into a response.

Why Should You Trust Me?

I don't just teach parents, I am actually their child's therapist! I have gained such an amazing insight into what really will work with children and teens BY WORKING WITH CHILDREN AND TEENS for over 25 years! These are not just theories that I share with you, but actually tried and true skills I have learned and used when successfully working to help children and teens make huge changes in their behavior and their lives. I am not just repeating what every other parenting coach or teacher is saying, I am sharing my proven experience with you.

Hi, I'm Dr Erica Stephenson. I am a parent partner who helps parents feel more in control of themselves and of their family. After over 25 years of working with children, teens, and families as a therapist, educator, and parenting coach, I've learned exactly how frustrating it can be to move from struggle to cooperation in families - I GET IT! The constant fighting, power struggles, emotional reactions, and thinking the problem is with our child - not ourselves - can make it seem like things are never going to change.

Over time I have learned how to control my own emotional reactions and to teach parents how to do the same.

And I can help you too.


Is this for you?

This is Right For You if You Are ...

  • ​Ready to finally get your child to listen to you
  • ​Willing to do what it takes to finally get behavior to improve
  • ​Ready to STOP trying to fix your child and focus on yourself
  • Willing to change so you can feel good about your parenting

Not Right For You if You Are ...

  • ​Not prepared to finally get your child to listen to you
  • ​Attached to continuing to punish, even though it is not working
  • Unwilling to change and prefer to think the child is the problem
  • Dead set on emotionally reacting-The Calm Response is NOT for you


The Calm Response


Why We Lose It

You'll learn how to identify your emotional "triggers" so you know what to look out for


What Happens in Reaction

You'll learn how to recognize when you are about to react so that you can make a choice to do something different


What Calm Can Look Like

You'll learn how to practice calm conscious choice making so that you'll have the skill when you really need it


Reaction to Response

You'll learn the steps necessary to change your emotional reactions into consciously chosen calm responses

and that's not all



Journal Prompts

Statements and questions to think about before and after watching the workshop that will help you continue to understand and catch the moments where emotional reactions come from.



In this workshop we work with real life issues. This workbook will help you to identify your biggest trigger, some reactions you may find easier to start with, and steps to lead you to real change and transformation.



Research demonstrates the power of meditation to create space in our most difficult moments. There is no other skill necessary! My simple audio practice will get you started on the journey.

Don't take my word for it ...

Hear What Other parents Say

Jinous C

Erica has always given me better advice than any other teacher, school director, or Doctor I have ever worked with. She is well informed, intuitive and always patient with the guidance she gives. She is a true blessing to any family she works with. Thank you Erica!


The Calm Response Workshop came at the perfect time for me! I was feeling out of control and not understanding what is going on in my head. The in-depth breakdown of our own experiences helps me to process and really begin to comprehend why I react / behave the way I do. I felt comfortable sharing my own experience with the group and gained tremendous insight into the unknown. I can't wait for the next workshop! Thank you Dr. Erica!

®2023 Presence in Parenting - All rights reserved

© 2023 Presence in Parenting- All rights reserved