We are going on maternity leave and will not be taking on any new clients or providing classes until February 2019. In the meantime please check out the videos on our YouTube channel and feel free to email us with your questions - understanding it might take us a little bit to get back to you 🙂 Be well ~ Erica


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Presence in Parenting™ is an educational program that focuses on supporting the growth and development of families. Parenting classes, coaching, and behavioral consulting for families are currently offered. The purpose of the work is to empower families to make informed choices and lead their families with knowledge and confidence. 

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Be Here

Recognize and accept the truth about how your child is thinking and feeling in THIS moment. How we let our children know that we understand and see them for who they are has a huge influence on how they relate to the world. 

Be Now

Be accessible to your child when with them. Too often as adults we are wrapped up in our own thoughts, feelings, and all we have to do. Working with family members on skills to promote being present with each other in the time they have together is integral to the work.

Be Love

Here we are talking about the quality of the relationship between you and your child. There is an entire field of research on attachment and this is different than “attachment parenting.” Attachment here is closer to the idea of being sensitive to the subtle cues your child gives, sharing with you what they need at any particular moment. Children of all ages need help at times to meet a challenge, regulate their emotions, or connect more strongly with you.