Have you . . .

Wondered how your parenting choices/parenting plan effect your child?   

Asked yourself how you can help your child develop a sense of self-worth and confidence?

Wanted your child to grow up with a sense of responsibility?

Desired to understand the meaning of your child’s behavior?

Parent Coaching:  Private parent coaching is aimed at working with families who may already be experiencing specific situations with child behavior and emotions that need more attention than can be given in a parenting class full of other parents. A specific parenting plan will be created in a collaborative environment. Parent coaching is also available for those who do not wish to participate in the group learning environment of parenting classes or cannot make it to the class sessions.  Coaching is educational and not psychotherapy. This service is offered in person at the Encino and Santa Monica locations. Parent coaching can also be done online via Skype.

Parental Consulting: Parents of young children often wonder “what to do when or if” their child begins or continues to behave in certain ways that are undesirable and unproductive to the family.  Presence in Parenting™ can help define the behavior, work with the family to find where the behavior is coming from, and help find tools for parental involvement to support their child in changing the behavior. A specific parenting plan will be created collaboratively. Erica can also observe your child in different environments (home, day care, preschool, park outings, etc.) to help gain a different perspective on your child’s development, behavior, and their accompanying thoughts and feelings. This service is offered throughout the Los Angeles area and online.

Formal Parenting Plan: This service is provided to low-conflict separated and divorcing couples to help guide them through the process of coming up with a formal Parenting Plan now that they are no longer living in the same home. A Parenting Plan is sometimes needed by the court, but it is always a good idea for both parents to agree upon custody, visitation, holidays, child care, medical/educational decisions, etc. A formal Parenting Plan helps both parents be able to parent effectively and keep the focus of their parenting on the child rather than on the other parent. These are not mediation services and are only provided to help guide parents the process of coming up with a Parenting Plan. If mediation is needed, referrals will be given.


We look forward to answering any questions you may have and welcome you to Presence in Parenting