Series: Self-Compassion for Parents

Learn the skills to develop Compassionate Self-Acceptance In just A Few Weeks

Even if you don't think that you can do any better than you're already doing!


Compassionate Self-Acceptance is for parents Like You, who want to accept yourself, feel comfortable being authentic, and want to feel Proud of the choices you make as a parent

The truth is: Most parents try to achieve self-acceptance, and never do because you think you are not good enough.
But it’s not your fault...I know you've tried.

You Want To Deserve Self-Acceptance, Instead You Sometimes Wish You Were Someone Else

Is this you?

The reality is without self-acceptance, you’ll continue to struggle, and it’s not a lack of effort on your part…


You try constantly thinking that you can do better and you continue thinking you're doing things wrong


You try you think your negative self-talk is somehow benefiting you and still nothing changes


You desire perfection and you constantly feel like you're not measuring up to this ideal

That’s why I created Compassionate Self-Acceptance for parents just like you, who want to achieve self-acceptance, but continue to feel like they are doing things wrong or not as good as someone else.

And you’ll be relieved to know that everything that you get with Compassionate Self-Acceptance isn’t going to cost you over $500.

When you sign up for the live online workshop:

  • You will participate in group coaching with opportunity to share your personal experiences
  • You will immediately receive some of the pre-workshop materials like journal prompts and meditation to start right away
  • ​You will receive a pre-workshop survey so I can tailor the time to address your specific needs
  • ​You will have access to​ a post-workshop follow up one-on-one call with me for free
  • You will become a member of the Presence in Parenting community and be the first to know about future workshops and events including "inner circle" pricing


Compassionate Self-Acceptance

A workshop designed to teach you the skills needed to begin practicing self-compassion and finally accept yourself for who you are. For parents who want accept yourself, feel comfortable being authentic, feel like you're you're a good enough parent — without comparing yourself to others or constantly thinking that you can do better.

What if you could:

  • ​Feel like you deserve self-acceptance
  • ​Experience more joy and satisfaction in your parenting
  • ​Go from feeling guilty, living in your trauma, or believing you're not as good as other parents to compassionate self-acceptance in only a few weeks!


  • Constantly thinking that you can do better
  • Thinking your negative self-talk is somehow helping you
  • Desiring perfection

And what's worse is ... 

If you don't start to work on this problem now, you end up with the consequence of modeling these things for your child AND struggling to accept them for who they are as well!


I get it because i've been there ...

  • I struggled with feeling ashamed of perceived flaws and weaknesses
  • ​I've experienced self-criticism and maybe even self-loathing at times
  • ​I have believed messages that I am not enough
  • I tried constantly thinking that I could do better, thinking my negative self-talk was motivating me to be better, and desiring to be perfect

Nothing worked ... until I discovered how to achieve self-acceptance and to remind myself that I never have to compare myself to others again!

Once I figured out how to achieve self-acceptance, my sense of peace and harmony in my family and life changed forever.

I was able to feel like I deserve self-acceptance, be happier and more satisfied with my parenting, and to demonstrate more compassion and acceptance towards my partner and son. 

I want the same for you!

Compassionate Self-Acceptance helps you achieve to deserve self-acceptance by helping you figure out what is right for you and your family. It’s unlike other serice because it won't just talk theory but will teach you the skills necessary to start practicing right away!.


Journal Prompts

Will help you prioritize fears, concerns, and struggles that are important to you right now. Journaling can improve mood and integrate your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs so you can move forward in your parenting with presence.



Many people don’t acknowledge how much pain stems from their own inner self critic. Mindfulness counters the tendency to avoid painful thoughts and emotions, allowing us to hold the truth of our experiences even when unpleasant.



Using a workbook can help you structure your notes so you'll be more likely to remember them, take action on them, and therefore be more likely to reap the rewards of your time, energy, and money spent on transformation.


What others are saying


I think Dr. Erica is phenomenal at picking up nuances and shedding light on areas I never consider could have an impact. She's really good at pointing out my blind spots and giving me the tools to respond and observe myself, rather than control the situation. This particular course is great, because I also hear what other parents are experiencing and can relate, as well as take notes from. I look forward to the next session! Thanks Dr. Erica!

P. P.

Dr. Stephenson is a very knowledgeable and intuitive Dr. I have worked with her for at least 4 years in group and also in private with myself and also with my child. She has great insight and gives us the tools to help ourselves. She has a sense of humor and knows what to say about each situation we are going through. I recommend her very much to anyone.

Laurie L

Erica really understands and is able to communicate to her clients the importance of recognizing our own experiences as they relate to our parenting practices. By understanding the reasons why we get triggered by our children - instances from our childhood that make us feel fear, we can better control our harmful responses to our children and we can heal our own wounds from the past. It isn't easy work, but it sure makes a difference!

Eric R

Erica has proven to be not only great with the material and helping parents process it, but also using practical everyday examples brought up in class by respective parents in our sessions and helping us learn from our experiences and mistakes ... It has been a breath of enlightenment as a parent of 2 young children to know that Erica is there for us and acts as a sounding board from her years of practice and insight with the hundreds of children and those parents seeking her help. Her accessibility is reassuring and comforting...above and beyond. 


Only $37 to start learning how to be compassionate to yourself so you can be compassionate towards others! Learn to walk the path of self-acceptance!

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