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Whether you have a newborn or a teen getting ready to leave the house, you owe it to yourself and your child to be present and mindful when you are with them. Parent with intention! Learn the 5 ways to become a mindful parent today!

Elevate your parenting journey with mindfulness!

Discover the Transformative Power of Mindful Parenting

Unlock the 5 secrets to cultivating a stronger, more harmonious connection with your children through my FREE Mindful Parenting Master Class. Join me as I guide you on a journey of self-discovery and intentional parenting.

Dive deep into the 5 ingredients:

  • ​Learn why managing your stress is so important to your parenting
  • ​Understand what your child needs most from you on a daily basis
  • ​Learn why unconditional love for yourself is the only way to love your child unconditionally
  • ​What is "good enough" parenting and how to know if you're doing it
  • ​Learn why a daily mindfulness practice is the key to becoming the parent you want to be 

Meet Dr Erica

I am a psychotherapist and a parent mindset coach. For over 25 years I have been working with children, parents, and families. I have seen every situation from my child and adolescent clients who share their inner worlds with me so that I can help them and their parents navigate through troubling times. I have helped hundreds of my parenting clients through the roadblocks that have kept them form being the parent they want to be to their children.

I don't only teach and coach parents, I actually do it. I use these exact 5 steps in my daily parenting life to keep me more mindful and present with my son. I am not just repeating what every other parenting coach or therapist says - I'm sharing with you what works AND I know just how hard this sh*t is!


Nobody, including me, is a perfect parent. It is in our imperfections that we are human and can really connect with other human beings, including our children. By taking a mindful approach to parenting, we are able to catch ourselves in our least desirable moments to create an environment where being a growing and evolving conscious human is the goal, not some ideal of a perfect human being which no one can ever attain.

It is in making these conscious choices as a parent that you can become the parent you want to be.


What others are saying


Erica has always given me better advice than any other teacher, school director, or Doctor I have ever worked with. She is well informed, intuitive and always patient with the guidance she gives. She is a true blessing to any family she works with. 


Erica has helped my family tremendously. Her insight and understanding of child/teen psychology and parenting has given me multiple tools in becoming a better parent. I highly recommend her classes and her individual therapy.


Make the conscious choice to be present and mindful in your parenting ... take this first step!

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