Dr Erica

Parenting Mindset Coach

As a Human Development expert, Dr Erica will spend the hour taking your questions every month on a live Zoom call and answering right there on the spot. Her many years as an educator, therapist, and conscious parenting coach enables her to share the wisdom of her experience in understanding all aspects of human behavior.
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All The Things About: 

Are you tired of endlessly scrolling through Google, Facebook, Insta etc and feeling like you still don't understand why motivation can be so difficult? 

Do you want to feel a deep sense of positive awareness in your family and have peace of mind about how you or your children and teens are doing?

Introducing 'Ask Me Anything' about Motivation: a live online workshop designed to empower you to navigate the complex world of figuring out how to develop motivation with confidence and clarity.

Join the live Zoom call to get your questions answered. Replay available and you will have the option to submit your question before the event.

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